What The Students Said…

“I got to meet lots of great people and learned a lot from them about their cultures and history. I got real life experience working as part of a team to complete the game and also learned new skills that can be applied to my career in the future as my project allowed me to try different programming techniques like converting the PC game to a mobile application”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the Comenius Project and would be highly interested in participating again. I feel learning more about the European Culture would be fascinating and something I would be really interested in. The project helped me develop my confidence and communication skills.  The main highlight were making friends with European Students and being able to talk to them about their studies and lives and seeing how it relates to mine, playing the game and having the opportunity to have a part in playing the final stage of the game which was an amazing to be part of.”


“I enjoyed learning about the different trails and talking with different delegates about the trails and how the different questions in the game corresponded with their trails.”


A highlight of the trip was the scenery and being able to experience that with a lovely group of people and it would be lovely to be able to do that in the future with projects similar to the Comenius project.”


“I have a better knowledge of how we can all work together to achieve and create something that can be enjoyed by everyone.”


“I was able to learn so much more about the country and cultures and understanding this from  someone from that country not only makes it more interesting, but gives you an understanding of the passion and pride everyone has for their country.”


“ I enjoyed getting to know new people, not just from the UK, BUT FROM ACROSS Europe that I would not have met had I not been part of this project.”


“ This project also benefitted me and the course that I am currently a part of, as I was able to create and plan a visit when the delegates visited the UK, ensuring the smooth running of the trip and gave me a better understanding of what is needed when running events in the future, which tied in directly with a unit from my course.”


Overall, this has been an amazing experience for me and I am extremely grateful and thankful to have been part of the Comenius project.”