Visiting Romania

 Visiting Romania


The Trail Of Stefan Cel Mare

This was the first mobility of the new project The Amazing Game Of Ancient European Trails, where we met some of our partners for the first time. Marilyn Tinkler, the UK Coordinator already has links with this school and some of the teachers here from previous projects.  On this mobility, were representatives from several different departments at the college, Peter Price: Computer studies, Sarah Tatham: Childhood Studies and Richard Johnson  representing construction. Everyone was  made very welcome, with traditional bread and salt given by the students at the school a wonderful show with singing and dancing held in the school hall.  The Cultural visits along the trail, food and entertainment were spectacular.

Despite the language difficulties, everyone was able to communicate well (using whatever means we could at times). We made a great start to the project activities, setting dates, timeframes and planning how each school would participate in the project. We learned about the different education systems for each country and each school / college made a short presentation about themselves, we gave interviews to the Press and Television cameras and were given a special audience with The Mayor in his council chambers – we were truly VIP’s. Some of the days were spent taking in the culture of this great country. In the evenings, we often got together and enjoyed traditional music and learned to dance the traditional dances. We all returned home at the end of the week – Very tired!



Links to: The minutes of the meeting can be viewed here:

Romanian meeting minutes

The presentation Of The Trail of Stephen The Great can be viewed here:

The Trail of Stefan Cel Mare

On this page, there are a  few of the photographs.

A full set may be viewed by following the link below

Romanian Photobox

The UK proposals for the design of the game

questions, discussions, answers – for the fine tuning of ideas

The Meeting With The Mayor


The presentations of our schools and colleges

A visit to the gardens and flower exhibition

The students first meeting

Friends old and new!

The walkway across the moat into the castle

Traditional greeting with the gift of bread

view through a lens

All the students were happy to welcome us

Welcome to our classrooms


The delegation outside the Mayor’soffice


The statue of Stefan Cel Mare in the square in Vaslui

Exquisite embroidery by the ladies in the convent

Thrashing out the dimensions of the board and the mathematics of the concentric circle design – the mobility dates and order of events a lot of discussion

Fine tuning of ideas and discussion

A beautiful evening at the monastery – such a tranquil place

A taste of life and work inside the monastery