Visiting Italy

The Italian Mobility

This was the final and largest mobility of all. There was definitely an air of celebration and with over 120 delegates of students and staff from all the partner schools, it was a fantastic opportunity to come together and celebrate everything we have worked so hard to achieve. There were 9 delegates from the UK, including Asst Head of School Nigel, Learning Mentor Joanne and Learning Coordinator Marilyn Tinkler. There were also 6 students present, representing Construction, Computing and Business Studies departments. We were staying in Isernia.

On arrival, we were treated to a spectacular greeting from the school children and their teachers.

There was a very busy programme of events and all of our students played a very active part during this trip.

It was a chance  for Kyle and Zac to demonstrate the full working version of the electronic version of the game – which was very well received and the result of almost a year of work relating to the Computer Studies Course which both students are studying. They also demonstrated   the two ‘bonus’ games which Zac created as an extra curricular activity.

We visited various places along Via Francinega, including Naples, Roma and finally the Vatican. Other cultural events included a guided tour of isernia, A meeting with the mayor of isernia in the Council Chambers, Musical Interludes and plays from the children attending the schools.

The grand Finale was a fabulous display of all the live pieces for the game in the square outside the school in the centre of the town, with flags and music and a procession from all the countries – excellent.

The Italian Trail – Via Francigena

Most of the activities and some photographs for this mobility are featured on the Final products page