Visiting Belgium

The Belgian Mobility

Only half of the teams visited Belgium, and there were no partner school students present, only the Belgian students. We nevertheless spent a great week with the Belgian team and their students, who were very hospitable hosts. During the week, our accommodation was altogether with students and staff in a conference centre on the outskirts of the town. The days were filled with visits to  places in and around their trail – The Canal Du Centre, a small mining village and museum. we also visited a centre for disadvantaged children, Brugge and Brussels. During the evenings after sharing dinner together,  we played table tennis / football and listened to music, spent time chatting and playing UNO. Staff and students tested the game and spent a lot of time discussing modifications to simplify and make the game play less confusing.  The Belgian team hosted a video conference for the team members who were not present and we spent time disseminating and discussing the issues which had arisen during the activity.



The Belgian Trail 

Photograph Slideshow 



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