The End Products

The End Products and Live Game Pieces At The Royal Palace Of Caserta

As a large part of the joint application for Comenius funding, we had to include our expected outcomes of the project. This included a number of different outcomes and end products, for example: Enhanced/ enriched Curriculum, collaborative, lesson plans, finished components of the game, an electronic version of the game, dresses for the live version each school was allocated a task and the responsibility to provide the appropriate end products.

Kendal College  Construction and Engineering department students and staff and the ICT team designed and provided a set of 3D printed Owls in different colours for each of the partner schools, complete with handmade wooden box. Computer Studies Students also designed and produced an Electronic version of the game and two extra matching flag games.

The Grand Finale – A procession of all the live counters for the game. ( Poland were absent as they had to leave early). Jenny was the UK counter. Kyle, One of the UK students played the part of the owl – Mascot of the game. Another UK student, Mattie played the Romanian King Stefan Cel Mare.  During the playing of the game, all students participated as Question Master, Owl Mascot, game piece.



070315-board game v4 copy

The Final Board Game

The box for the boar

The UK box for the board  game.

070315-agaet logo (I)

The Central Logo


rules booklet printed

010315-AGAET difficult questions

010315-AGAET easy questions

The Living Game Counters.

The Counters For The Board Game.

 The box for the board game - design was responsibility of Poland, each country manufactured their own version.

All the end products relating to the board game:the board and the box were collaborative design – each school to make their own. Owl counters with handmade box designed and made by UK for each school. The Klepsydra was designed by GREECE. Spinner designed by BELGIUM, passports and stamps sets made for each school by UK. Rule book for each school by TURKEY. Bags for the accessories for each school by POLAND, Playing cards for each school SPAIN.


The Electronic Games designed by the UK.


can be downloaded here. Simply save the files and unzip to your (windows version) PC, mobile device or laptop.

Once saved, click on the exe file link here to play the game..

Choose the number of players and the full screen option and it’s ready to go.

The game was developed to compliment the board and living versions of the game itself. Kendal college students devised, designed and created the game as an integrated part of their level 3 Computer Studies Programme. skilfully managing to integrate the questions and imagery from each partner country. Played as a competitive game with others, or as an individual, it helps develop the children’s knowledge of each of the partner trails and their respective countries.



Playing The Live Version Of The Game – The ‘course’ was designed and set out by ITALY. On the day, all countries participated – fantastic event!


The End Products Display


Fabulous Costumes from each country symbolic of each trail. missing from the photo is Tintin from Belgium.


Fabulous Students


A Grand Finale


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